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Be more than a great player. Be a Power Player.


You don’t just play the game. You live it. You give it everything you got on every play. But is that enough to take you where you want to go? Do you even know what it takes? We do. Because we’ve been there. At the highest level. And we’re ready to pass the experience, knowledge, technology and science we’ve garnered over years of professional sports play to the next generation of athletes poised to take the stage. No other company has the resources or experience to offer the benefits that we can bring to your future sports career.

We exist for one reason, to take the all-star players of tomorrow and make them POWERPLAYERS today!



Our special brand of 7 vs. 7 football caters to athletes who seek to test themselves against elite competition and play for the pure enjoyment of the game.  Power Players Sports competition division focuses on  a unique playing experience as well as a fantastic platform for workshops.   Join our top talent and lets see if you have what it take to become a Power Player.



Power Player Sports partners with established top Global sports technology companies who can accelerate our players, coaches and programs performance. These technologies include health software and player analytics, and mobile applications, so players can create a sports profile to upload videos of their workouts and track performance statistics.  Join the POWER US network. A private social network for your team!


The implications of one’s performance during a Combine can affect perception, recruitment status, salary, and ultimately career. Power Player Sports offers the opportunity to learn from former NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL stars as they share the tips, tricks and plays.

Power Player Sports has the fastest growing network of Sports Combines, thats  sole purpose is to take your knowledge of the sport you love to another level.  This is the case with our premier program provider Elite Prep Sports.

Elite Prep sports presents its Elite Prep 300 series which is a one day High School Combine & Showcase Clinic designed to maximize the athletic talent and enhance the personal development of high-school student-athletes.  They will teach you the “laws of the game”.

Power Player Level. Click here to learn about Elite Prep Sports.


Power Player Sports is excited to offer you training with current and former Pro athletes.

They will share their trade secrets that will take your body and knowledge to a new more powerful level. Power Player Sports provides you competitive advantage with customized training programs.   We are proud to work with Chamber Fitness. Click here to learn more about “The Chamber”.

The Chamber is South Florida’s premiere elite level athletic performance, youth and adult fitness training and therapy facility.

The Chamber provides:

  • Integrated performance
  • Nutritional Training and Physical Therapy
  • Services for professional, amateur, collegiate, high school and youth athletes
  • Fitness options for business executives and industry professionals


Power Player Sports’ mission statement is “Game Plan, Execute”

Power Player Sports embraces the science behind our players performance. We work with top athletic scientists who’s purpose is two-fold:

  1. Provide your mind the feedback it needs to adjust your training.
  2. Protect your body from the harshest training known to man.

Power Players Sports has partnered with Multiple Energy Technologies (M.E.T), a company that is dedicated to the field of sports research and development. M.E.T doesn’t just create products that look and feel good, the y create products that deliver results. Power Players Sports Science division focuses on providing you feedback on the top technology available in the game today. One example is BIOPOWER™, which is designed to help your body restore itself and generate its natural energy to promote muscle by decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress.   Click here to learn more BIOPOWER

It takes talent. But talent will only take you so far. You need the right people to guide you. To take that talent and get you to another level. 



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